Houston Cei

Laura’s Lust 2

Laura was the only child of devoted parents. She was intelligent and beautiful with a sparkling
personality. She held onto her virginity until her senior year of high school
and when she gave it up, it was like popping the proverbial cork from a bottle
champagne under pressure. Her wanton behavior led to cocaine addiction and even
using her sexual charms to support her habit. Having sex indiscriminately would
lead to an unplanned pregnancy. How did she then deal with her addictions? Did
she become a good single mother?

Excerpt ~~~~~

It was a beautiful warm and
sunny, summer day with which residents of California are so often blessed.
After this family of three had lunch together on the patio, they discussed in detail Laura’s plans for college. They were delighted with her ambition in business education and her desire to eventually be an administrator with “some
big company” as she put it. After serious conversation was winding down, Janet
suggested an afternoon swim in their pool. At this point they were still in night clothes so it did not take much time get into swim wear.

What a beautiful sight the two women were in their bikinis!
Although somewhat on the plump side Janet was still a very attractive
woman, and Laura had inherited her mother’s physical charms, but had
proportions more to the standards of a girl who models underwear. Janet’s
measurements were about 40–28–38 on a 5’ 6” inch frame and Laura sported a figure measuring 36–22–35 at five feet four. They were both women that many men would find appealing and Janet was not at all ashamed of the extra pounds
because they were so well distributed. Blake was a slender, handsome man
standing about six feet tall.

They swam and frolicked in the water for hours, laughing and cheering and playing as if they were
children. They even challenged each other to laps, and Blake proved to be the fastest, as had always been the case. After they decided to pause for a rest
and dry off, Laura was applying sunscreen on her face and body, and what a beautiful sight she was as she lifted her legs and spread them apart to rub the lotion on evenly. She was making no conscious attempt to show off, but mom and dad were sitting in the poolside chairs both admiring the beauty of their one and only daughter. They looked each other in the eyes and smiled as if they had a plan. They did have a plan.

“Can I get someone to put
sunscreen on my back?”  Laura asked.

“I think your father would
love to,” Janet answered. “I’d like to take another dip in the water.”  That was only her excuse to allow Blake to fulfill her daughter’s request by himself. Laura handed her father the
sunscreen and then lay face down on the long outstretched poolside chair. As he
was applying the lotion very slowly with his hands he, could not stop gazing at her beautiful buttocks that the skimpy bikini could scarcely conceal. He was
also entranced by the back of her shapely legs that he desperately wanted to touch.  He then squirted lotion on the
back of each leg. As soon as she felt it she said, “I already did the legs,

“Well,” he said, “I think you could use a little more
to get a really rich tan,” This was only his excuse to get a chance to touch
her beautiful legs; he also stroked the exposed part of her buttocks. He felt
himself getting hard, but he knew he had to take it slowly. I wish I could
make love to my lovely daughter right her and now, he said in his mind, Yes,
right here outdoors under the warm sun. But he did not want to blow it;
progress had been made. He had his wife’s approval and now it was just a matter
of bringing Laura around. Janet was equally anxious for her husband to have
some genuine sexual satisfaction, and now that their daughter was of legal age they were hoping for her to be the one to fulfill their desires.
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