Beth Burns

Intermediate Guide to Free Motion Quilting

I used to struggle with getting good quilts, but when I discovered this secret…

Have you been doing FMQ for some time but are still afraid of messing up your quilts?

Are you looking to gain real confidence over your quilting skills?

Are you closed out at the registration for the FMQ class at your local quilt store, and want a way to get ahead of your quilting friends?

I, Beth Burns, will reveal to you my 4-step FMQ system for improving your skills, without the fear of messing up your quilts.

With this book you will have the confidence to make better designs that you can be proud of.

Inside this book you'll discover:

The 4-step FMQ system that takes the fear away and replaces it with a method that will continue to improve your skills long after you've read it!The #1 key factor that makes the difference between a homemade quilt and a handmade quality quiltHow to troubleshoot ugly stitches, without ruining the quiltHow to get rid of pesky body pain while motion quilting (we've all felt it at some point right?)How to come up with quilts to fill space, even if you're out of ideasHow to troubleshoot your machine while quilting, even if you lost the manualAll-over designs vs. Background filler designs vs. Border designs. — How to convert them into each otherHow to improvise if you don't have equipment to do certain techniques

Clears the mystery out of free-motion quilting!

Here are the answers to some questions you might have about this book:

Q: I barely have enough basic knowledge of FMQ. Can I use this book to get better?

A: Yes. The projects and techniques given inside the book are meant to smoothen out the transition between beginner and intermediate FMQ artist.

There are step-by-step instructions with illustrations, that show clearly the intricacies of the quilt.

Even if you have only mastered 'stitch in the ditch' till now, by reading this book and going through the 4-step system, you will be able to get better, and gain confidence to create stunning quilts!

Q: Are the designs inside your book fit for both domestic and long-arm machines?

A: Yes. The quilt designs are meant to be suitable for both a domestic sewing machine and a long-arm machine.

No matter what equipment you have, or whether you're at a workshop or at home, you can make the projects inside this book!

Q: Are the pictures inside b/w or color?

A: The pictures inside are b/w illustrations, meant to show clearly the intricacies of the quilt.

Every day you delay is another day you miss out on getting the confidence to make your FMQ designs pop.

Pick up a bundle and turn on your machine.

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139 printed pages
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