Kelli Ellis

Do I Look Skinny in This House

The award-winning interior designer teaches you how to make your home truly your own—from function and flow to color and mood—in this unique guide.
Our homes are so much more than just walls, windows, and floors. They exemplify who we are. We wear our homes like we wear haute couture—and put them on display for all to see. In Do I Look Skinny in This House?, celebrity interior designer Kelli Ellis shows you how to use the principles of design psychology to turn your home into your ideal haven—an extension of yourself.
To design your home in a meaningful way, you need to start with the “why” rather than the “how.” Knowing why you adore certain colors, styles, and decor is so much more important than knowing where to place furniture in a room. Understanding the principles that create ambiance, feeling, and mood in your home are key to creating your ideal haven.
With the inspiration and framework Kelli provides, you’ll be able to reimagine your home with all the joy, fulfillment, and contentment you seek.
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