Sherwood Smith

Fleeing Peace

Siamis said, &quote;Your young friend Liere is not going to enjoy the trap she's walking into, I fear. But you figured that out, did you not? Why didn't she listen to you?&quote; &quote;To snap her fingers under your nose,&quote; Senrid retorted. &quote;Irresistible.&quote; Siamis smiled gently. &quote;But it's going to cost.&quote; Fifteen-year-old Senrid is newly king of the difficult warrior kingdom Marloven Hess . . . just in time to lose it, and find himself running for his life with two kids who once were his enemies. When Senrid is captured he overhears a secret — one he can use against the enemy, if he can get to the right place at the right time. Now the enemy is from Norsunder, in the form of a charismatic, handsome man named Siamis who can read minds, and who enchants people just by talking to them. Liere has always known she was special, which just increased her loneliness and sense of isolation. She can hear others' thoughts, and she senses the real emotions below the facade. When a golden-haired man named Siamis comes to her village and enchants the entire town around her, she finds herself on the run. Liere and Senrid couldn't be more different, but their goal is the same, to locate the powerful magic that will unravel Siamis's world enchantment. Chased by powerful enemies, Liere and Senrid are tested to the max as they form an alliance of kids to aid them, and gain magical support from surprising sources. Neither ever expected to discover something even more powerful than magic: friendship. First written when Sherwood Smith was fifteen, this is the story of how Senrid and Liere first met.
527 printed pages



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