Calvin Grapengeter

The Visionary America

A man is chosen, during the times of moral depravity, to bring words of warning to America and the world of what lies in front of them if they do not repent of this immoral behavior. Many events occur as I take you on this journey and I introduce you to the colorful characters and disaster in this eleven book series.

Mediko, the main character, takes you on a journey through time from the day he is chosen to bring the warnings to America and the world. It is told through the eyes of another person that, as of yet, I have not named. In this, the first of eleven books-so far— you will see and feel what happens to California when they do not listen to the words of warning. This first installment takes you up to the time that Mediko takes you up and through each of the world's disasters. But, remember, this is just the first of the eleven that I have written so far so, prepare yourself for a roller coaster ride that has many, many highs and many, many loops!
166 printed pages
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