Robert P.Hall

The Classic BMW 5-Series M Car: Open the Door to an Elevated Lifestyle

The Ultimate Expression of Your Sports Car Passion — in a Four-Door?
What if you could get your hands on a high-performance German driving machine that competes with Porsches and Mercedes, doesn't cost a fortune, and even has a usable back seat and trunk?
Meet the classic BMW 5-Series M car:
– Possibly the fastest and tightest-handling sedan ever manufactured
– Sold in the United States between 1988 and 2003 (three different models)
– With a plain-looking (but very BMW) exterior that earned it the nickname “wolf in sheep's clothing” — and fortunately causes it to be largely ignored by car thieves and cops
– Typically available in great shape for around $20,000 to $50,000, including some recommended repairs and enhancements
This book is your guide to how owning a classic car can make your cool lifestyle aspirations come true and help you find “life's sweet spot.” Without a lot of automotive jargon, Robert P. Hall covers the plusses and minuses of each of the three models in a clear and readable style, recommends extra performance tweaks, and even shares commentaries by some of the best-known sports-car writers. Hall also includes lists of online resources and further reading, an extensive glossary, and a full index.
75 printed pages
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