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Оля Петрівськаhas quoted2 years ago
blabbing to the police or to reporters.
Оля Петрівськаhas quoted2 years ago
Modig studied Dr. Teleborian. He was a short man with curly brown hair, steel-rimmed glasses, and a small goatee. He was casually dressed in a beige corduroy jacket, jeans, and a light-blue striped shirt buttoned at the neck.
Оля Петрівськаhas quoted2 years ago
In 1987 he was fined and sentenced to a month in prison for car theft, driving without insurance, and receiving stolen property. The following year he was fined for possession of an illegal weapon. In 1990 he was convicted of a sexual offence that wasn’t specified in his criminal record. In 1991 he was ch
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