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  • b8709669849has quoted2 years ago
    In fact, I’m going to prove him wrong, and if I rack up a few much-needed orgasms in the process, all the better.
  • ifrahshowkat76has quotedlast year
    Dammit. I knew a four-hour erection wasn’t normal.
  • ifrahshowkat76has quotedlast year
    Dammit. I knew a four-hour erection wasn’t normal
  • milenawne2503has quotedlast year
    His lingering gaze rakes boldly over my body, and I feel the nervous lurch of my stomach. The sights and sounds of the room fade away. Yeah, he’s pretty
  • Evangeline Barneshas quoted5 months ago
    I cling to them because their flamboyant personalities mask my non-existent on
  • ftihusnaahas quoted2 months ago
    To girls everywhere who have made mistakes.

    Forgive yourself.

    Then let it go.
  • Ula Wyrembskahas quotedlast year
    Maggie rolled her eyes. “I know. You’ve set your sights on Smith.”

    It was the twenty-first century. A woman could take what she wanted sexually without feeling cheap or abused. And I wasn’t some shy adolescent girl anymore. I was confident enough to admit what I wanted and go after it. This was going to be my gift to myself. A box to check off my bucket list before it was finally time to move on from my secret fantasies.

    Smith Hamilton was my older brother’s best friend. And come tomorrow night, he wouldn’t know what hit him.

    The feminist inside me beat on her chest and let out a battle cry.

    I was doing this.

    I would make Smith my bitch.

    And zero fucks would be given.
  • Liyana Athirahhas quoted7 months ago
    “Please,” I added, letting a hint of my desperation show.

    Rolling her eyes, she picked up the card, brushed off a few errant coffee grounds, and extended it toward me. “No skin off my ass.”
  • b2625883768has quoted2 years ago
    . “I just want you to have a good time
  • b0918955868has quoted2 years ago
    -hour shifts didn’t exactly
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