Sarah Wild

Sarah Wild is a South African award-winning science journalist and author. She is the author of several full-length popular science books, including Human Origins (2023), South Africa's Survival Guide to Climate Change (2019), and others.

Sarah Wild studied physics, electronics, and English literature at Rhodes University, South Africa. She read for an MSc in bioethics and health law but later became a freelance science journalist.

She's written about particle physics, cosmology, and everything in between. Her work has appeared in Nature, Science, Scientific American, and Undark, among others.

"Since I started perpetrating journalism for a living, I’ve written books, won awards, run national science desks, and learned to eat and interview someone at the same time," Sarah says.

She won the 2013 Siemens Pan-African Profile Science Journalism Awards in two categories. In 2015, she was named the CNN-MultiChoice African Journalist of the Year for innovation and also secured the Vodacom Journalist of the Year award for sustainability.

Additionally, in 2017, she claimed the AAAS Kavli Award for the small newspaper category.

Her most recent work, Human Origins, takes the reader on a fascinating 7-million-year journey from our earliest primordial ape-like roots through to the present day.

Sarah Wild lives in a tiny village just outside of Canterbury in the UK.

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