Marcus Darkley

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    “I see,” Gavin smiled, acknowledging quietly that she had avoided the question. “Does he know you’re here? With me?” He added.
    Caroline went even redder. “I thought it best not to tell him,” she said quietly.
    “We’re leaving now,” He told her.
    Whaaat? Things had just accelerated into hyperspace. “Look, things have changed, I’m married... I shouldn’t,” she blustered.
    “You want to know don’t you?” Gavin said simply as he dropped two fifty pound notes on to the table and held out her coat for her to slip into.
    “Yes Sir,” she said and lowered her eyes before following him out to the car park.
    The twenty-minute journey passed in silence. Gavin still drove a Porsche but this one was jet black, rather than red like the old one. Black like his soul, Caroline thought and then blushed again; almost as though he could read her thoughts.
    It was a different flat of course but only a mile from where he used to live and that was only three miles from her family home. She had to wonder if he had been here all that time. Maybe he had watched her from afar, walking her kids to school or setting off for work. She banished that thought straight from her mind. If he had been in the area, he probably didn’t give her a second thought. She blinked and realised He was standing next to her and holding the door like the gentleman he always would be. “Allow me to show you round,” he said and guided her with a hand in the middle of her back.
    There was a lift to take them up to the top floor. Gavin operated it with a key and a code. The door opened directly in his lounge and Caroline caught her breath as she stepped out. The place was amazing! The door closed behind her and he turned to face her. Her breath caught and her eyes dropped again and then... His big hand planted itself in the centre of her chest, just above her small breasts and he pushed her
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    And then his hot lips closed around hers.
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