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Kennedy Fox

Kennedy Fox is the USA Today pseudonym of Brooke Cumberland and Lyra Parish, a duo of contemporary romance authors. They began writing together in 2016, making their debut with the Checkmate Duet series.

Now Brooke & Lyra are the authors of over 50 books and ten series. Some of their books have been translated into German and Italian. TikTok and blogging played a significant role in its promotion.

Brooke Cumberland was born in Wisconsin on December 15, 1987. Lyra Parish is from Texas. Both have been writing novels since 2013 and were self-published authors when they met.

Their Kennedy Fox writes in genres such as Romance, New Adult Romance, and Romantic Suspense.

"Once someone’s chapter is done, the other reads through it and, edits/marks it up/makes changes. This is what we call blending our voices. I will reconstruct some of her sentences, and she will change some of mine. So our voices blend through every chapter. The goal is to make it so readers can’t tell that two people wrote the book. It should flow as if one person wrote it, which is always the goal, so it doesn’t read choppy," Brooke Cumberland says.


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Even if you’re a pain in my ass, I crave your warmth and being close to you. And for whatever fucking reason, I can't get you out of my goddamn head. You've embedded yourself under my skin, and now I think about kissing you every time I'm around you. Not just for the sake of keeping up appearances but because I need to taste you.”
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Placing one hand on the small of her back, I grab her hand with my other one and interlock our fingers together before pulling her close. Her breath hitches, and when I look into her eyes, it’s only then I realize our faces are only inches apart
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A light-blue Chevy truck that looks like it fell straight from an old film slows down in front of me. My lips part when I read Bennett Orchard Farms on the side and meet the deep-brown eyes of the man driving.

He’s here to pick me up.

I flew from California to Vermont, and after two connecting flights and three gigantic coffees, I’m finally here. The Bennetts insisted they drive me to the farm from the airport, and after pricing a rental car, I agreed. It was too expensive.


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