Kalyani Fad

Kalyani Fad is a Certified Holistic Health Coach who specializes in a hormone-free, holistic nutritional approach to prepare and transition women to the "change of life" (menopause). Kalyani has studied with one of the most renown Alternative Healing Physicians alive. In this book, Kalyani provides a non-invasive solution without the use of hormones or drugs of any kind which totally eliminates exposure to the drugs' side effects. Kalyani's philosophy is based on her extensive research, experience, and observation that women at this period of their lives can be fit, fun and fabulous and retain their youth, energy, and magnetism through natural foods and lifestyle practices.

Kalyani has a Bachelor's degree in Communications. She also has extensive experience as a consultant and business owner

In her role as a private coach, Kalyani uses her Signature Program: The Hormone- Free solution for Menopause. How to Stay Fit Fun and Fabulous the Natural Way to help her clients, including female executives and entrepreneurs over 40 in high stress positions, as well as any woman who wants to experience a natural holistic solution for menopause in lieu of hormone replacement therapy. Each Signature Program is tailored to the individual's needs and goals. As a result of this program, women can be more successful in their careers, businesses, and relationships, have more energy, more confidence and look and feel great!

Coach your way to Fit Fun and Fabulous by contacting Kalyani Fad at: kalyani@kalyanifad.com or visit her website: kalyanifad.com


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