Maxine Schuster

Maxine Schuster wasn't much of a dieter because she never needed to. All her life people around her considered her to be slim and she agrees with that assertion. Years went by all the way until she started approaching her early forties and then, boom! Something happened - and not in a good way. One day she realized that she wasn't so thin anymore after all. It's not that she necessarily became overweight; she just started looking like everyone else at a normal weight. But that really troubled her because it wasn't "her" norm. Maxine easily could've attributed it to the painful fact that as we get up in age, our bodies start to widen out a bit. But that's not how she looked at it. For her, it was clearly that her metabolism had slowed down and she needed to do something about it fast. That's what prompted her to get on a diet that would increase her metabolism. And it worked to where she's pretty happy with how her body looks now.


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