Dayelle Brown

Dayelle Brown is a poet/writer/ spoken-word artist from the Bronx, New York. Growing up, she always had such a vivid imagination, and found refuge from reality in books. She fell in love with reading and writing when in the third grade. Since then Dayelle has written countless short stories, novellas, plays, poems, and songs, drawing from her life as inspiration.Her passion grew as she got older, using writing as a main creative and emotional outlet. Dayelle decided to hone her craft and skills, by focusing on developing her own unique performance style and sound.One day while attending an open mic event, she fell in love with the performers, the crowd, and the relationship between the two. She knew then that she wanted to share her talents with people, while promoting change, awareness, and love along the way. And spoken-word would be her medium to do so.Dayelle has performed at different venues such as the Urban Juke Joint, Thee Den LIVE with Street Poets NYC, the Inspired Word's NYC open mic, the Nuyorican Poets Cafe, Tammany Hall, as well as the NYC Under 30 Talent Showcase.Dayelle is working to release a spoken-word audio album, a compilation of studio recordings and live performances set to release in late 2015.
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