Deane Saunders-Stowe

Deane was born in November 1976, in Cinderford, and grew up in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire (UK). He now lives in Herefordshire with his partner, Kris, a disability fitness instructor and wheelchair user.From an early age, Deane’s interest in computer programming gave him a curiosity about the rules that govern the physical world, and how they interact. While performing rune readings at medieval events he developed an interest in religion and spirituality and this drove him to study many philosophies as he tried to find a way of reconciling the two. In 2012 he joined a behavioural agency where he encountered the philosophy of systems including human behaviour and the mathematical models behind it. His fascination, investigation and interpretation of life’s jigsaw stretched his imagination to the point where it needed an outlet. It wasn’t until he met Kris that the circumstances were right and the outlet was found in the seeds of a novel.


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