Lauren Wise

Lauren Wise learned at a young age that she was a creative soul. When she was fourteen, she was sending unsolicited scripts for episodes of Dawson's Creek to Kevin Williamson. She comes by it naturally - the grand-daughter of a painter and the daughter of a dentist who moonlights as a DIY craftsman. Lauren is a dreamer and believes in all those inspirational quotes found on mugs and memes. She has held many jobs in her life from receptionist at a hair salon to directing corporate and product video productions. Lauren is a graduate of Fine Arts and at one time she aspired to be a professional contemporary dancer, but even then, nothing fulfilled her like writing. Her daughter was born in 2007 and she realized soon after that if she was going to teach her daughter to chase her dreams, she needed to start chasing her own. Nine years later Lauren's first book, Swap Club, is being published. Also after many years of experimentation...

...She has finally discovered her perfect Starbucks order - flat white grande (tall if you're in the US), two raw sugars, coconut milk and it should be served at exactly 135 degrees (They'll do that. Seriously. Try it. She just saved you ten minutes of waiting for your coffee to cool down and four burns on your tongue).


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