Amy Shannon

Amy Shannon is an American Storyteller, living in upstate New York, where she grew up. She juggles being a mother, writer, storyteller and student, 24 hours a day. She shares the stories in her head by putting them on paper (virtual or real), and most of her stories focus on the strength of women. Her first story, "Unwritten Life" celebrates 10 years and since then, she has continued to write and grow her stories. (The Sars Springs Saga has 62 volumes divided up between 6 series, and 2 more series of 3 books each that are related to the story). Even though the story ended, Amy promises there will be more to come in a different series.With stories such as Prowl or Passionate Retribution (and their sequels) the women are in a traumatic situation and overcome it by taking control of their lives. Where most of her main characters are women, "Shattered Pages" focuses on an eccentric best selling mystery writer, Link McLaren. He types in the nude and wears one sock or sometimes mismatched socks. There's a little "Link" in all of us.Follow Amy on Twitter here: by and say hello on Facebook at is also a book reviewer. Any author wanting a review can email her directly or go to her review blog at can email her directly at She loves hearing from fans.
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