Andrew Neitlich

  • Christophe Andrehas quoted2 years ago

    Example One: Medical Practice Management Service. Stop struggling to build your medical practice. Spend your time doing what you love, which is treating patients, and leave the tedious details to us. Our turn-key practice management service makes it easy for you to build a profitable practice, stay in compliance with the daunting federal and state regulations, protect yourself against lawsuits, and manage patient data. Join our service for a 30-day free trial, and if you don't see immediate results—while getting back in touch with the reason you became a physician in the first place—you have no obligation to continue. Click here to speak with one of our consultants and get started immediately.
  • Christophe Andrehas quoted2 years ago
    Scott Richards, CEO & Founder, Faceless Technologies:

    The first client came when I began this company in 1998. I simply applied for a Director of Marketing Position with a smaller company that was grossing $5 million. I gave the interview performance of a lifetime, stressing that my number-one priority would be to reach every goal they had while also maintaining their budget. They called me in to offer me the position, and I told them, “My work begins with you today by saving you the money you would spend on my salary. Hire my firm to handle all of your marketing, utilizing the budget you already have, and that is all I need.” I told them that at the end of the year, if I met or exceeded branding and financial goals they needed to reach, then they could pay me 50 percent of the salary they were offering to me. The rest is history.
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