Daron Sheehan

I like to write original books which blend adventure, science, humanity and stunning natural landscapes. Others have said my writing mixes Michael Crichton (Jurassic Park) and George Orwell (1984). My first novel The Socrates Project had caught the attention of many international figures. Most readers want to see a big screen version - Fingers crossed!I've enjoyed a wide array of adventures and experiences, having been actively engaged in many enterprises around the world with some very visionary people. I love authenticity in people and dislike superficiality and snobbiness.My heroes are people who have moved others in a positive way. I mix a wide range of literature (Dan Brown, Victor Hugo, Marcel Proust, Plato, Dostoevsky etc) and similarly music (I am a huge Bob Marley fan but equally like punk, heavy metal, rock music etc)I speak English and French and spend about half my time culturally immersed in each culture. I grew up in the United Kingdom around the Chilterns countryside, near London. In 2006, at the age of 36, after a successful career as an accountant and investment manager, I took a career sabbatical. I spent this period engaging in a range of adventure expeditions, charitable and educational projects in wild natural space across Europe, South Africa and the Middle East.I am currently writing a sequel to The Socrates Project called the Hippolyta Project, set mostly in India where Simon Oceandis and the Sicads must pit themselves against an army of beautiful, but deadly, Amazonian warriors, determined to reshape human destiny I get limited time to read other books and no time to watch television (in fact my favourite past-time is not watching TV). The best part of this is that it keeps my ideas pure - I formulate my ideas by observing the world and society from afar - with eyes opened by many visionary mentors who have helped me on my own personal journey.


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