Jaman Tree

American by birth, Australian by fate, Jaman would probably prefer to consider himself a world citizen - acting locally wherever his feet are touching Mama earth, and always thinking globally. Jaman has been involved as an active campaigner with many green issues such as old-growth forest protection and reforestation. As well, he has been active in campaigns for human rights and social justice. He also spends time spreading knowledge and initiating actions within the field of organics, permaculture and earth repair.Jaman has spent significant time with two Australian aboriginal elders and credits them with much of the insight he has gained into our relationship with the earth and with one another. He also studies Indian classical music with one of India’s greatest legends Pundit Shiv Kumar Sharma. In the past years he has called both Australia and India home as well as spending time in Eastern Europe. Although he has written previously in the field of sustainability and permaculture, I Crow River is his first novel.


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