JJ Topping

JJ Topping was born in Liverpool in 1966, a few days before England won the World Cup. His mother missed Geoff Hurst's famous "They think it's all over" goal because young JJ was crying in the next room. The third of six siblings, JJ spent his childhood below his parents' radar, enjoying the freedom to make the mistakes and learn the lessons that have been lost to subsequent generations. His nephews and nieces ply him with drink at every opportunity, whilst sitting at his feet in awed silence to hear his tall tales of teenage excess.
A 30 year career managing projects for a variety of global corporations hasn't taken away JJ's delight at seeing new places, meeting interesting people and discovering absurd bits of history. The Warm Breath of an Electric Pixie is his first effort at putting some of his American travel adventures on paper, largely to save his liver and his young relatives' drinks bills.
JJ is married to Áine Two and lives in West London, where he nurses his passions for Liverpool FC, Jaguars, birdwatching and beer. He really likes beer.
He has an ambition to learn where commas are supposed to go in sentences.


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