Michael Mark

Michael holds his moments up to the light to examine them periodically, wondering at the veined architecture of his past and the roots spreading through his future. He cares about people, and he enjoys spending time in discussion with the deepest questions of the world, engaging with them frequently through the myriad proxies of the everyday-- through his professional interactions, through the eyes of the creatures that populate his backyard, and through images floating back and forth with the muses that pull up chairs beside his heart when he sits down to write. He writes about how it feels to have walked into such a vast field of dancing light and shadow, so unprepared for its brilliance and foreboding.He is emerging from a time of uncertainty, into certainty, and desires to share through his writing the sensations of recognizing Love's timeless presence in our lives. To this end, he has to date written one collection of poetry entitled A Cannon, a Heart, and Now This....Michael enjoys reading about quantum physics, holographic biology, sustainability, and the practical applications for wormholes, as well as the inspired works of Sufi poets, genius thinkers whose minds and hearts stay up all night reinventing worlds, people who spontaneously invent things, and those who hear voices.Also, he did graduate from engineering school, and has extensive experience in the design of very important pipes.


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