Ruth Downie

Ruth is the author of six mysteries* featuring Roman Army medic Gaius Petreius Ruso. The latest is TABULA RASA. She lives in Devon, England, and is married with two grown-up sons. A combination of nosiness and a childish fascination with mud means she is never happier than when wielding an archaeological trowel. She is sometimes called R.S. Downie, but she isn't the person with the same name who writes medical textbooks, and recommends that readers should never, ever take health advice from a two thousand year old man who prescribes mouse droppings. *The first four books all have two titles. Ruth is still wondering how this ever seemed like a good idea. Since she is unable to wind back time, British readers may find it useful to know that:Medicus = Ruso and the Disappearing Dancing GirlsTerra Incognita = Ruso and the Demented DoctorPersona Non Grata = Ruso and the Root of All EvilsCaveat Emptor = Ruso and the River of Darknessbut SEMPER FIDELIS and TABULA RASA only have one title each - hooray!



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