Raymond Tay

Raymond Tay has been a software developer for the past decade and his favorite programming languages include Scala, Haskell, C, and C++. He started playing with GPGPU technology since 2008, first with the CUDA toolkit by NVIDIA and OpenCL toolkit by AMD, and then Intel. In 2009, he decided to submit a GPGPU project on which he was working to the editorial committee working on the "GPU Computing Gems" to be published by Morgan Kauffmann. And though his work didn't make it to the final published work, he was very happy to have been short-listed for candidacy. Since then, he's worked on projects that use GPGPU technology and techniques in CUDA and OpenCL. He's also passionate about functional programming paradigms and their applications in cloud computing which has led him investigating on various paths to accelerate applications in the cloud through the use of GPGPU technology and the functional programming paradigm. He is a strong believer of continuous learning and hopes to be able to continue to do so for as long as he possibly can.
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