Annie West

    b4558106477has quoted2 years ago
    Ruthless he didn’t mind. Hell, he’d been labelled that more times than he could count. But to exploit workers as virtual slaves as Murat suggested? The guy made him
    Kapila Shobinihas quoted2 years ago
    e took it and withdrew an
    b5221887142has quoted2 years ago
    Fate be damned. Donato had stopped being its victim years ago.
    Rita Sønderby Godskehas quoted2 years ago
    It took a moment for her to realise Angela had turned to talk to one of the staff.
    ‘Would you
    Sekar Chamdihas quoted9 months ago
    I’m not saying that I won’t try to tempt you into bed, but if we get there, it’ll be your choice, your timing. Your terms
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