Marc Fisher

    JLO_1145has quoted6 months ago
    The supreme secret of success is a secret not because anyone is trying to keep it secret but only because so few understand it. This secret can be told in a few simple words, and success will come to you when you truly understand these words: The human mind can accomplish whatever it believes in.
    JLO_1145has quoted6 months ago
    In a relaxed state, repeat the following affirmations, or formulas for success, to yourself:

    • I am unique. I have something to offer.
    • It is my right and duty to be myself.
    • I am becoming successful. I invite success and prosperity into my life.
    • I attract the people and situations that will help me offer my service.
    • Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better.

    Do this in the morning and night!

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