John Keeble

John Keeble is an international journalist with thousands of published articles and photographs to his name. He left his last paid job at The Guardian in London 12 years ago and has spent his time giving media services to NGOs, non-profits and individuals to promote animal and social causes. This work includes writing, photography, and videography. His books are: Brothers, Lovers, Killers, a chase thriller set in his favourite places in Southeast Asia and southern England; Dying To Write, a good-natured parody of writers groups; and Automatically Better, an unconventional photography guide that focuses on the creation of meaning and impact. His TV movie, Shadow Trade, is an undercover investigation of the dog meat trade in Thailand, and his YouTube Channel (115 subscribers, 125,000 views) is Volunteer Media Asia. The author is a lifelong animal advocate, sometimes as a writer, sometimes as an activist. He is also a lifelong vegetarian/vegan. And a science fiction fan since the 1950s BBC radio series Journey Into Space frightened the life out of him as a child. He now lives in the UK and Cuenca, Ecuador.


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