00individual is an obsessed artist, designer, and writer, with a fondness for non-human animals.
Like many fortunate souls, his life experience coincided with every historical, technological, political, scientific, and cultural milestone event during the peak times of a half a century of novelty from 1951 to the present.
This gives him a unique perspective for credible observations made from personal experiences in one of the World's most well-known cities; L.A.
With his own strain of Hyperthymesia, he is able to remember experiences, feelings, events, and conversations in detail, and transcribe them for historical evidence of a time when anything was possible.
The classic and historic music and rock concert archives that serve as historical catalysts are conveyed through his personal experience, backed with the fact that during those classic times he was either a Jr. High/Sr. High School Student, an art department Production Artist, Free-Form Hippie, Record Store Manager or Record Rack Jobber. As a Jobber he was basically a traveling Record Store Manager with accounts all over greater Los Angeles. Within his responsibilities as a Buyer for major department stores, military base malls, record store franchises, and other accounts, he had to know ALL genres and categories, and what was hot and what was not, and why.
His life, heart, and soul couldn't have been at a better place in time than as a '50s Kid, a '60s Teenager, and a '70s Rocker in his twenties. He saw, heard, read, rocked, tripped, experienced, and participated in the Vibe personally.
00individual sincerely thanks any and all whose positive or negative actions contributed to his continued experience as an artist living a creative life. And if you're reading this, that means you too!

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