Gavin Presman

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    We don’t see the world as it is, but as we are.’
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    careful with our words
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    Before you bargain with anyone, carefully analyse the situation you have in front of yourself
    David Xiaohas quoted2 years ago
    What we are looking for in our negotiations are extraordinary results. We are looking to create
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    agreements that add value for both parties, which means we are looking to find ways to give out more ‘cookies’ in the process.
    David Xiaohas quoted2 years ago
    What the salesman did here is not exceptional. He was doing what any salesperson should do before entering a negotiation. He was making sure that the sale was done first: that he was dealing with someone who actually wanted the bike in question before he started negotiating. He was ensuring that equality was present and that the conditions for win–win were met. He was trying to neutralize the attitude I had been giving him in mentioning the competitors that I was considering
    David Xiaohas quoted2 years ago
    Before we start planning exactly what we need from a negotiation, it’s worth understanding ‘the why beneath the why’, being crystal clear on your motive to make this agreement work. Having a collaborative attitude is key to this system, as anything else will lead to short-term gain and potential mistrust and will waste time and resources.
    David Xiaohas quoted2 years ago
    David Xiaohas quoted2 years ago
    David Xiaohas quoted2 years ago
    Do you really want to do this deal?
    Are you sure the other party wants to do a deal, and if so have they expressed that desire to you?
    Do you feel equal and working towards a solution that is mutually beneficial?
    Do you want to have a long-term relationship with the person you are negotiating with?
    What can you do to ensure the other party is committed to working towards a solution that produces benefit for all parties?
    How can you get them to openly express the desire for a mutually agreeable solution, either to you or in public?
    Do you know what they like? (Preferences)
    Do you know what they don’t like? (Prejudices)
    Do you have any research into their past agreements that you can use to inform this agreement? (Past)
    What do you know about their personality? (Personality)
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