Pure Derry

Long before Mark Zuckerberg started taking over the universe, one friend request at a time, Pure Derry lived on an old-fashioned website. One that was lovingly hand-built with good ol’ HTML pages, dodgy blue links, animated GIFs and one of those groovy hit counters that went up by one every time someone came knocking.
And they did: over 750,000 times, across 41 editions, between 2003 and 2007.

Pure Derry returned to the world of men in the shape of a Facebook page in the summer of 2012. Freed from the shackles of producing time-consuming ‘editions’, the editor (it is rumoured) now simply writes stuff during his lunch break, hits post and goes back to work. Others claim he gets £1 from Bill Gates every time someone shares a post.

Pure Derry now has over fifteen thousand fans on Facebook and is known to a new generation of readers, who were probably too busy playing with Power Rangers to pay much attention last time out.


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