Ruby Blessing

I'm an author, designer and futurist. After spending many years as a digital strategist (seriously!) I decided to write a book for my youngest son, who was 10 at the time. In my work in the digital world, a project can be turned around in weeks, making the length of time it took to write my first book a bit surprising! The life of the modern author is very far from the perception of sitting at your writing desk pouring out a steady, creative flow of words. It is constantly punctuated by the demands of daily life (especially when you have 4 children and 3 goats!) and, for most of us, the need to keep up the 'day job'. Oh, and the distractions of social media (damn you facebook)It doesn't stop us though. The wonderful author Patrick Ness describes it best in his Authors' Note in the amazing book A Monster Calls...
"I began to feel that itch every writer longs for: the itch to start getting words down, the itch to tell a story."


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