Richie Swanson

Richie Swanson

Richie Swanson came of age living outside in nature, bicycling and backpacking throughout North America.His novel First Territory (Sunstone Press 2013) depicts a 16-year-old soldier-interpreter and his love for a Yakama woman during the Yakama War in Oregon and Washington 1855-1856. “First Territory is altogether the most convincing piece of historical fiction I have ever read,” wrote Sue Ellis, Prick of the Spindle, journals have published Richie’s short stories about Indian-white relations during the 19th century. Find links and reviews at Pictures was inspired by the “soldier-artist” Seth Eastman and his Dakota wife Stands Sacred: The One above the Bottoms relates the capture of a white mother and her children during Dakota removal on the Mississippi River:, Volume 7.1, March 2013. The Howls behind the Waves features a young girl and her surrogate father, an Oregon coast Indian:“Indian Pictures is astounding… HEArt offers (it) as a standard for new social justice literature.”—Daniel Morrow, editor. “It’s all there in The One above the Bottoms—characters as we can imagine they really were in their time, writing that is lush and fertile, and sound research to give it all fortitude.”—Cynthia Reeser, editor, Prick of the Spindle.Richie also writes creation stories. “River Sun Warblers evokes a timelessness found within the natural world. Readers feel they are both witnessing the primordial beginnings of Nature—or life itself.”—Hunter Liguore, American Athenaeum. Luminous warblers bring light from the fiery core of Earth to the frozen Mississippi.Creator Bird, another myth: chronicled threatened bird species on the Mississippi River at River Bird Blog on his website. His credits: Bird Watchers' Digest, Birder's World, Western Birder, High Country News etc.
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