Kat Clowes

Kat Clowes figured out college the hard way. Having been a college student without a clue, Clowes spent ten years after graduation learning how she could have used her college resources and tuition dollars to build her career. After earning an MBA and building a successful executive career, Clowes is now an independent educational consultant helping students maximize their money and time in college to gain meaningful employment after graduation. She has had unparalleled success with her students and loves teaching them how to market themselves and become the entrepreneurs of their own lives. Clowes also consults and mentors young professionals as they start up their own businesses. Clowes has an BA in communications from Santa Clara University, an MBA from Mount Saint Mary's College with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship, and a post-graduate certificate in Independent Educational Consulting from UC Irvine. Clowes lives in California with her husband and daughter.


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