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    Evehas quotedlast year
    That lets me down.

    When the house seems unknown,

    the body next to me unreachable.

    Some sinister recess has commenced

    and I must wait it out. Row my boat

    hard against the arcing tide, keep my head,

    pay the sandman twice. Welcome the nightly

    oblivion that sees me through those no-good hours

    between two and four when every failure rushes in—

    every folly confirmed.

    Big questions slated on the bathroom wall.

    Harassing every dust mote for answers; what have I done?

    Or worse, what haven’t I?

    This stupor could have no future.

    I am as flat and dumb as the kitchen floor.

    As heedless as the doors.

    As silent as the spoons
    Kandi Tolentinohas quoted2 years ago
    There’s nothing worse than loving someone who doesn’t love you back. It’s like loving someone who has died, except sometimes you have to see them in public and acknowledge how they don’t love you back
    Putri Kusumawardhanihas quoted2 years ago
    It is by whisper truer things are told.
    Words have their echo when only barely heard.
    b6162880753has quoted2 years ago
    She’d had last night three-quarters of a bottle of cherry cough medicine and perhaps this made the day louder than it would have been otherwise. Preacherman on the corner playing his sermon songs from some strung-up speakers. A small dog barking. And there at the courthouse a lady they called the Spin-Wife telling everybody to stand up, to put their hands together.
    b4013345682has quoted2 years ago
    Narratives of queerness are infinite. They do not always begin at birth. They cannot always be traced to childhood. A story can begin in medias res, as a wave begins in the middle of the ocean.’”

    —Danielle Deulen, author of The Riots
    b4013345682has quoted2 years ago
    Axiom 1: Fear can affect the body in much the same way as gravitational pressure. We can implode. We can disappear.
    b4013345682has quoted2 years ago
    Axiom 3: We must study fear so we can name it when we see it.
    Kauri-Sashahas quoted2 years ago
    Does my ire rise
    Kauri-Sashahas quoted2 years ago
    they perceive all the ways my past reverberates in this room?
    Kauri-Sashahas quoted2 years ago
    hyper-vigilant ears
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