Carmelo Bucca

I born in Switzerland to Italian parents, my childhood and teenage years were spent in Castroreale (Italy) and I then moved to Milan with my family and obtained a high school diploma as an electrical technician. I have worked in Milan (Italy) for nine, Dublin (Ireland) for eleven and London (England) for four years. My travels around the world (Argentina, the United States, Russia) has given me valuable experience and first hand knowledge of the problems of a variety of peoples and enabled me to explore my inner world and hope for global brotherhood in the future.The central event in a life marked out by a constant search for meaning - and thus, in a way, adventurous - by pure contact with nature, generous openness to others free of prejudice of any kind nor religious or caste divisions, has been an extraordinary encounter with the Divine which took the form of energy, which is Love. It was 11:11 which prepared the ground for this epiphany, a presage of a New Era of change in which the Divine message will come to fruition as Truth and Love.


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