Julia Kanno

The dragon we call Julia Kanno assumed her human form sometime in the early nineties, though no one knows the exact date. Since then, she has decided to dedicate her time to writing. Though, when she is not writing, munching on knights or breathing fire from the comfort of her xbox360, she is watching her latest anime addiction, reading naughty literature and or in deep contemplation—after all, why she continues to re-read plays where at least one character commits suicide by act three is still a mystery. (Oh, Shakespeare…. you morbid, little lunchable.)Having acquired a taste for gypsies, she’s had the pleasure of living all over the world. Currently, she lives somewhere in the hills and mountains of western Germany, where incidentally there’s a nice little village to snack from. No Strings Attached, her debut short story as an erotic romance author, is set to be released soon from her new favorite dens Total-e-Bound Publishing and Skeleton Key Publishing.She hopes to have the pleasure of sharing her many stories with readers, and of course, the rest of the paranormal community (Hi Nessie!), for many years to come. For more information about this particularly lovely hazard to society, please feel free to send her an e-mail. After all, she loves fresh menu additions!


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