Ruben Olsen

Ruben Olsen has been making "visual stuff" since he touched his first computer, a Commodore PET 20, back in the late 70s. Since then he has played, worked, loved, and cursed almost any computer system commercially available. He is no stranger to either the old IBM VM/SP or to the latest edition of the Apple Macintosh operating system. Ruben received his M.Sc. in Information Technology from the University of Liverpool. He is currently the co-founder and CTO of Azurlis AS - company providing advanced telecommunication solutions. The first time he created a diagram to illustrate an important fact was when taking his first university courses back in the early 90s. He hand-coded a simple diagram in Adobe PostScript and fed it directly to a laser printer, whereupon as the printer crashed horribly. Back then he learned the importance of having excellent diagrams to substantiate any argument. For nearly two decades he has used diagrams and diagramming tools to illustrate important points and facts. A few years ago he was working as a "technical hit-man" at a VoIP service provider - and this was the first time he came in contact with OmniGraffle. He fell deeply in love with the program - and this is a love that never has deminished even as the years have passed by. When not spending time behind the computer designing and programming telecommunication solutions, he spend his time with his three cats, reading a good book, listening to some extraordinary good music, cooking tasty food, and watching a nice movie time with his lovely fiancee (by the time you are reading this - they are newly wed).


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