Amelia Wilde

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    Live long enough with a pair of snarling wolves, and it’s obvious that the only distraction is a snarling wolf who’s foaming at the mouth and snapping at their heels.
  • Yzannehas quoted6 months ago
    Take up all the space. No one can see your secrets if they’re hidden behind power and rage.
  • wrayhas quotedlast year
    Because refusing you anything makes me physically sick.”
  • wrayhas quotedlast year
    I fucking promise. I promise to listen to you. Although I can’t promise that I’ll be happy about it. But I need to know that I have you. That for the rest of my life I have you here, with me, loving me. Loving me like no one has ever loved before. Tell me, Bronwyn. Because if I don’t… if I don’t have you, I’m going to–”

    I finally reach up and put my mouth on him, kissing his words away so I can give him some of mine.

    “I will.”
  • wrayhas quotedlast year
    And so fucking lovable that I kiss him again.

    He’s too numb to kiss me back but it’s okay. I’m content to lick his parted lips, suck on them, tangle my tongue with his, all on my own.

    Until he wakes up.

    With a growl.

    That sounds and tastes so sweet.

    As sweet as his thick, almost slurred words. “You will.”

    Wrapping my arms around his neck, I nod. “Uh-huh.”

    He still isn’t over his shock as he prods, “I have you.”
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