Leandro Thomas Gonzales

AMAZON: http://www.amazon.com/Leandro-Thomas-...FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/LeandroThomasGonzalesEMAIL: LeandroThomasGonzales@gmail.comLeandro Thomas Gonzales retired from the Los Alamos National Laboratory, where he worked as a mathematician, nuclear physicist, and engineer. One of the items on his retirement bucket list was to write a novel which would explore why the Anasazi vanished. "Follow the Spinning Sun" was nominated for the 2014 International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award - an award presented to a novel which would make a lasting contribution to excellence in world literature. Gonzales believes that readers are attracted to the novel, mostly because it presents an answer to the age old mystery of what really happened to the Anasazi. In doing so, Gonzales portrays the dynamics of everyone in the village, - their thoughts and their actions. How did they deal with the mind-boggling decision of having to leave their beloved homeland, never to return?Gonzales' readers have stated that he wrote an inspiring, thought-provoking novel about supportive relationships and lessons on how to obtain the true meaning of life. Parents are sharing "Follow the Spinning Sun" with their children as the odyssey opens up positive communication between them, encouraging honor and respect. As a result, some teenagers have used it for book report projects.


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