Stephen Wallis

Stephen Wallis has travelled extensively in the East, exploring and deepening an inner connection with God. Expanding his deep Christian roots, he was met with many challenging obstacles while learning specific spiritual practices in the rarefied atmosphere of the Himalayas. These practices helped develop a resilient mindset, deep faith and an experience-based trust in God.
Having worked in disability services, business and education, Stephen brings a compassionate common-sense approach to his writing. Coupled with a spiritual clarity his unique viewpoint will helps us deal with the climate change upheavals humanity will inevitably have to face. Believing that through the grace of God all things are possible, Stephen shares his personal, tried and tested methods in the knowledge that they will open a new depth of understanding in the spiritual lives of his readers.
Stephen's unique ability to analyse and interpret the world from the inside out enables others to explore their existence from a fresh perspective, providing meaning and direction.
Stephen has a rare gift of being able to cut to the core of an issue and even rarer gift of being able to explain how to access a miraculous, divine flow of grace that enhances all aspects of your life. For those who know that our planet is facing looming obstacles, and realize they need the help of the divine to get through it, you will find Stephen's insights, calming, enlightening and inspiring.


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