Jonathan Nicholas

Jonathan Nicholas was born in Norfolk and grew up in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. At the age of eighteen he left the UK and travelled the world with nothing more than a back pack, a sketchpad, and a diary, returning to the UK several years later, much thinner but with a stack of completed diaries. He then spent the next thirty years working as a police officer, almost always in uniform and on the 'front line' in some very challenging areas of inner-city England. An avid diary writer, in 2011 he turned his attentions to professional writing, and for a while he wrote a regular column in the UK police magazine 'Police Review'. Jonathan was commended several times during his police career including being awarded Community Police Officer of the Year in 2007.His first book, 'Hospital Beat' describes in honest detail his ten years spent policing a busy inner-city hospital. Sadly some parts of the book were deemed 'personally unacceptable' to a minority of influential persons within Nottinghamshire Police who then effectively caused it to be banned until Jonathan left the police when he retired in February 2014.His second book,'Kibbutz Virgin' is now widely acknowledged to be one of the best factual accounts yet written about the Israeli kibbutz volunteer experience, and is based in the troubled border region of Israel, Lebanon and Syria. It provides an insight into why 400,000 non-Jews from around the world worked in Israel for no pay.'The Tragic Romance of Africa' is a harrowing true tale of 1950s colonial Africa, and is so far Jonathan's only work ghost written for another.His book 'Oz - A Hitchhiker's Australian Anthology' details a very unusual twelve months spent hitchhiking around Australia, and it proves you really can cross a continent on as little as twenty dollars!His latest book, 'Who'd be a Copper?' is a factual account of thirty years as an inner-city constable in uniform and will be released soon. 'Who'd be a copper?' has been written without the shackles of control and crushing political correctness currently imposed on serving police officers and other members of the British public sector. You may be shocked and surprised to find out what's really going on inside the British police service.Please see the website for further details and to read excerpts from all Jonathan's books, including the forthcoming 'Who'd be a copper?'Jonathan has had a lifelong interest in aviation and holds both a glider pilot's licence and a private pilot's licence. He is now a full-time author and currently lives in Nottingham, England. He is married with two children.Website: Jonathan Nicholas-AuthorJoin him on Twitter: @JonathanNichol4and Pinterest & Tumblr.See less


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