Greg Levin

Having spent much of his life weaving intricate tales to get out of things like gym class and jury duty, Greg Levin is no stranger to fiction. Greg’s debut novel 'Notes on an Orange Burial' was published in November 2011 by 48fourteen and has sold over 11 copies to his immediate family. Greg's second book, 'The Exit Man,' is being hailed as one of the top two novels he has ever written. 'The Exit Man' has been optioned by HBO for development into a TV series. In addition, the book won a 2015 Independent Publishers Award (a.k.a., an “IPPY”), earning a silver medal for “Best Adult Fiction Ebook.”When not busy writing, Greg enjoys thinking about writing, and spending time with his wife and daughter. He also enjoys cooking, traveling and exercising, as well as freestyle rapping for his friends even when they don’t do anything to deserve such mistreatment. Greg was born in Huntington, New York in 1969, and then moved to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania with his family when he was six. He attended the University of New Hampshire and graduated summa cum laude in 1991 with a BA in Communication and a special concentration in Creative Writing. Greg currently resides in Austin, Texas, where he is one of just 17 people who don’t play a musical instrument or write songs. He is currently wanted by Austin authorities for refusing to eat pork ribs or do the two-step.


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