Tamara Moxham

Tamara Moxham, MEd-IP, CI, CT, NIC-Master, was raised in a multicultural family in southern New Hampshire. She began her interpreter training at the University of New Hampshire at Manchester in 1988 and later transferred to Rochester Institute of Technology at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf, where she earned an AAS in interpreting in 1993. She began her independent contractor interpreting that same year. She has worked as an interpreter in Maine, NH, NY, Michigan, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington. She began re-searching and presenting workshops to other interpreters in 2001. Ta-mara earned a certificate of completion in mentoring through Teaching Interpreter Educators and Mentors (TIEM online) at Northeastern University in Boston, where she later earned a Masters of Education specializing in Interpreter Pedagogy in 2010.
She taught at Seattle Central Community College's Interpreter Train-ing Program from 2009 until its closure in 2013. She is both a pri-vate mentor and also works with the statewide mentorship program through the Center for Childhood Deafness and Hearing Loss/Washington School for the Deaf. There, she mentors K-12 educational interpreters and does skills diagnostics for staff interpreters who are preparing for performance reviews. This is her third book through Butte Publications. She studied anthroposophy and Waldorf education in England. She is a new member of the board of Jet City Improv. Tamara and her husband live in Seattle, WA, with their furry menagerie. See more at www.interpretingetc.com
Chris Eisle, AAS Research Assistant, has been interpreting professionally for two years in primarily clinical medical settings. He has also assisted several interpreters with research and support in designing workshops for presentation. He wishes to thank his husband, Foster Larson, who remains in many ways the reason for it all.


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