Richard Botelho

Richard Botelho is the author of the forthcoming science fiction novel Reason for Existence as well as two other books, The New Individualism: Personal Change to Transform Society, a non-fiction social commentary, used in over 100 colleges and universities across America, favorably reviewed in The Midwest Quarterly and other scholarly journals, and winner of the S.C.P.H.C. Gold Award for Philosophy in 1996; and Leah’s Way, his first novel, which received a rave review in the February 1st, 2004 edition of Library Journal. He has a B.A. and M.A. in Government from California State University, Sacramento, graduating with honors. He has had numerous articles published in MD Publications, The Stone Institute, and The Northern California Sociological Association.Always a bit eccentric, Richard believed the system kept people "categorized" and unable to see a larger picture. So his works have focused on an interdisciplinary approach since it allows everyone to see a greater whole. He also found it particularly strange that the greatest discoveries in life come from piecing different parts of knowledge together, yet the system seemingly discourages such thinking. It almost appeared like it was being done with intent. Perhaps we should all be asking "by whom, and for what purpose?" In fact, no one has pieced all of knowledge together in a comprehensive way so that we can truly make sense of this world. Why not? Okay, that's the book after next. His forthcoming novel is Reason for Existence, a work of science fiction, philosophy, and spirituality. It is definitely eccentric, but also quite entertaining and surprisingly informative. It is a genre bender. The publication date is 2/1/16. Sample chapters can be found at


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