Daina Middleton

An expert in the digital marketing space and marketing professional with more than 20 years in the industry, Daina Middleton is the global CEO of Performics, one of the largest search and performance media agencies delivering performance marketing solutions and quantum business results for a list of blue chip clients by applying innovation and solving complex challenges.Marketing in the Participation Age is a new marketing philosophy based on the Intrinsic Motivation Theory that people are motivated to seek challenges, to discover new perspectives, and in doing so, the activity itself stimulates their desire to actualize their individual human potential. Daina believes marketing and consumerism are undergoing a transformational change and tools, processes and language need to evolve as a consequence. She is known for thought leadership in the social marketing space - creating a new marketing lexicon including "participant marketing" - and has developed several ground-breaking market intelligence tools where brands can utilize social listening to effectively compete in interactive marketing. Participant marketing shifts the philosophy about how brands and people connect, creating new roles and equal status. Through her many years of client experience, she is also driven to redefine marketing to focus on performance, where agencies are compensated for the results they deliver for brands.




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