Nick Pagano

Nick Pagano’s life-story is living proof that “perseverance pays off!” After a 15-year journey of climbing corporate ladders only to find they were leaning on the wrong building; and then, experiencing devastating losses in various business ventures; Nick encountered and applied Biblical-principles that paved the way to financial freedom for him, his wife Janice and their two college-bound sons.Since co-authoring “The Morality of Money” with his pastor at the time, Ken Hubbard, Nick has now become a sought after speaker for audiences nationwide. His down to earth and humorous approach to educating and empowering others to achieve the same freedom has reinforced his belief that when we are able to come into alignment with the truth and apply it, all things are possible.He just released his new book, "The Abnormal Journey: 4 Pillars of Financial Success".


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