Rich Lowry

Richard A. "Rich" Lowry (born 1968) is the editor of National Review, the conservative American magazine of news and opinion. He is a syndicated columnist and political commentator.Lowry's latest book is the polemical biography Lincoln Unbound, [1] which was published in June 2013.A native of Arlington, Virginia, Lowry attended the University of Virginia where he majored in English and history. After graduating, he worked for Charles Krauthammer as a research assistant. He joined William F. Buckley's National Review in 1992, after tying for second place in the magazine's Young Writer's Contest. He was named editor of the magazine in 1997.He regularly appears on the Fox News Channel. He has guest-hosted on Hannity and is a frequent guest panelist on The McLaughlin Group, Fox News Watch, and NBC's Meet the Press.In addition to his syndicated column with King Features, Lowry is an opinion columnist for Politico. He has also contributed essays to Time.His New York Times best-selling book, Legacy: Paying the Price for the Clinton Years is a polemic about President Bill Clinton, whom he deprecates as "Navel-Gazer-in-Chief."In 2009, Lowry and Keith Korman wrote Banquo's Ghosts, a political thriller. The plot revolves around a nuclear-armed Iran and an inebriated leftist journalist.Lowry frequently speaks on the topics of American exceptionalism and the future of the Republican Party.adapted from



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