Susan Napier

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    He tunnelled his fingers under her hair and guided her into a kiss that warmed the chill of loneliness from her soul.
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    You can have lust without love but I don’t think a healthy love can exist without a spark of elemental lust and you two don’t exactly light up the room with each other,’ he murmured.
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    ‘Sure—but no one wants to fall for a complete gargoyle, right?’ said Anna, who fell in and out of love with monotonous regularity and consequently considered herself something of an expert on romance. ‘I mean, let’s face it, a guy with a gorgeous bod has a natural advantage over a homely little creep with personality. Who would you rather be seen out with? And when your eyes go zing with a stranger across a crowded room it’s because you’re thinking, Wow, that guy looks hot! Not, Gee, what an attractive personality
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    Don’t worry, Kalera, I do know the difference between a Barbie doll and a real woman.’

    ‘I’m so glad!’

    He grinned at her sarcasm. ‘Barbie dolls are for playing—real women are for serious loving…’
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    Sometimes I wake up in the morning with it so vividly on my tongue that I roll over, expecting you to be still lying there beside me, all drowsy and damp with my loving…’
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    ‘He doesn’t hate my guts because I had an affair with his wife. He hates my guts because he thinks I did.’

    It took a moment for her to realise what the quiet words implied.
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    The smile grew bitter-sweet. ‘I can always rely on you to tell me what I mean, can’t I, Kalera? God forbid you should believe I mean what I actually say.’
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    God forbid you should believe I mean what I actually say.’
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    At its most fundamental level the movie asks: Can we live ethically in a cursed world? And if so, how? Princess Mononoke offers two related possible solutions. The first is simply to “Live!” (Ikiro!), the catchphrase emblazoned on the movie posters and uttered by Ashitaka to the desperate San as she struggles to deal with her fear and resentment of humanity. In context it tells us we cannot give up, no matter what, a message that Miyazaki felt imperative in the emotionally apathetic landscape of 1990s Japan. The second is “to see with eyes unclouded”—a challenge, as the movie presents both bloodthirsty beast attacks and relentless human industrialization and asks us to observe all sides with clarity and objectivity.
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