Gary Rashba

Gary L. Rashba is the author of more than 35 articles on defense, aerospace and international topics. After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania in 1990 with a degree focusing on the Middle East, Gary began what became a long-term relationship with Israel's defense industries. Three years later, he moved to Israel, where he continues to reside with his wife, three children and black lab. Gary began writing in earnest following his induction into the Israel Defense Forces, where he had the unique experience of being the only native-born American in a unit comprised nearly exclusively of Russian immigrants. The resulting article about his army service set his writing hobby in motion.Gary's work has appeared in publications ranging from military and aviation history enthusiast magazines to the more widely read VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) and International Herald Tribune (New York Times international edition) newspaper. A number of his articles appear on the internet, reaching a much wider audience than the print editions, including one that is referenced on Wikipedia and One online blogger doubted that Gary Rashba really exists, suggesting instead that he is an agent provocateur sent by the Mossad! (he does, and he is not!)


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