Jeff Lumin

Jeff Lumin is a venture investor, entrepreneur and business writer. He was trained as a scientist in physiology, and started his career as a research analyst and fund manager with leading institutional investors - AIG, Franklin Templeton, and CITIC Securities. He spent decades investing in global biotech, pharmaceutical and device companies, and built investment record in companies at early stage of drug development, and in evaluating those life science assets.

During financial crisis, Jeff worked at the investment division of CITIC Securities, China's leading investment bank. He conducted extensive cross-country research, comparing major countries on: macro-economic policy, fiscal/taxation and tariff, industrial policy, labor force and education, political groups and election cycles. Jeff traveled to Russia, Brazil, Chile, Britain, France, Germany, Canada, US, Belgium, Switzerland to meet with political leaders and corporates' senior management, to conduct investment due diligences, and to visit companies' field operations and to experience local cultures. Those vertical and horizontal comparisons not only help Jeff to make investment decisions, but also to identify strength and weakness of those economies.

His previous publications include: "What Wall Street Missed" and "Transform China to a Consumption Economy". Jeff received MBA from Yale School of Management, and M.S. and M. Phil. degrees from Yale School of Medicine.


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